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No Mercy In This Land

« No Mercy In This Land », nouvel album enregistré par Ben Harper et Charlie Musselwhite sera disponible à partir du 30 mars. Pré-commandes, infos, et concerts a venir sur nomercyinthisland.com.

1. When I Go
2. Bad Habits
3. Love And Trust
4. The Bottle Wins Again
5. Found The One
6. When Love Is Not Enough
7. Trust You To Dig My Grave
8. No Mercy In This Land
9. Movin’ On
10. Nothing At All
11. The Bottle Wins Again (Live at Machine Shop – digital deluxe bonus track)
12. Trust You To Dig My Grave (Live at Machine Shop – digital deluxe bonus track)
13. No Mercy In This Land (Live at Machine Shop – digital deluxe bonus track)

Infos: benharper.com

Call It What It Is: le nouvel album est disponible

1. When Sex Was Dirty 3:50
2. Deeper And Deeper 4:02
3. Call It What It Is 3:47
4. How Dark Is Gone 3:38
5. Shine 3:55
6. All That Has Grown 3:25
7. Pink Balloon 2:22
8. Finding Our Way 4:15
9. Bones 3:21
10. Dance Like Fire 3:09
11. Goodbye To You 5:06


Format: CD
Total runtime: 40:50
Released Apr 08, 2016
Stax / Concord Music Group STX-35697-02
United States 8 88072 35697 9



Recorded and mixed by ETHAN ALLEN
Recorded at The Village, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed at Royal Triton, Los Angeles, CA


Mastered by GAVIN LURSSEN at Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Photography by DANNY CLINCH

The Innocent Criminals:

BEN HARPER − vocals, guitar, slide guitar
JUAN NELSON − bass, background vocals
LEON MOBLEY − percussion, bongos, cabasa, clave, congas, djembe, flexitone, music stand, shakere, tambourine, triangle, viber flap, wind chimes, whirly tube, background vocals
OLIVER CHARLES − drums, djun djun, background vocals
JASON YATES − Hammond B3, piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzers, clavinet d6, guitar, background vocals
MICHAEL WARD − guitars, background vocals
JACLYN HARPER – additional vocals on « Pink Balloon »
CLAIRE WADSWORTH – additional vocals on « When Sex Was Dirty »

All songs written by BEN HARPER, BMG Gold Songs / Three Chord Symphony Music (ASCAP), except: « Deeper and Deeper » written by BEN HARPER and MICHAEL WARD, BMG Gold Songs / Three Chord Symphony Music (ASCAP) / Monkeyfeather Music (ASCAP); « How Dark Is Gone » written by BEN HARPER, JASON YATES and LEON MOBLEY, BMG Gold Songs / Three Chord Symphony Music (ASCAP) / Tocayos Music / Wixen Music Pub (BMI) / LEON MOBLEY Publishing (BMI); « Pink Balloon » written by BEN HARPER and JACLYN HARPER, BMG Gold Songs / Three Chord Symphony Music (ASCAP) / LEND2HANDS (ASCAP); « Finding Our Way » written by BEN HARPER and OLIVER CHARLES, BMG Gold Songs / Three Chord Symphony Music (ASCAP) / Scent Music (ASCAP).

Thank you:

BEN HARPER: My family and friends, The Folk Music Center, The Cove, Court House, Stoner, Roller Horror, Almost, Cliché, Central, Street Plant, Real, Stereo, Labor, Shut, Rip City, The Berrics, Jac, Claremont 7, D’Addario, Dumble, Billy Asher.

JUAN NELSON: First and foremost I want to thank God for blessing my life. Thanks to my family and friends for unconditional love and guidance. Thank you Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals for reuniting and making this record a joy to work on. Thanks to D’Addario and Gallien-Krueger. Last but not least, thanks to our fans for all the love you’ve shown over the years. Gratefully yours, Juan.

LEON MOBLEY: I would like to thank JAH, Yvonne Mobley, Gerrie Mobley, Fatimah Mobley, Clarence Mobley, Dexter Johnson, REMO Inc., Remo Belly, Chris Hart, Istanbul Cymbals, Mehmet Tamdeger, Manton Daley, Vic Firth Sticks, Kelly Firth, Joe Testa, DW/Gon, Bops, Scott Donnell, Don Lombardi, Kotzen Drums, Mike Kotzen, Nas, Damian Marley, Mike Levy.

OLIVER CHARLES: I would like to thank my family and friends. Gogol Bordello Crew, Mariachi El Bronx Crew, Ocean 11 Crew, all the LAmusicians, Yamaha, Paiste, Vic Firth, Hepcat, and Evans, RhythmRoots Allstars, Dakah, Soul Of John Black.

JASON YATES: The native called Flies Away who carried a drum all the way to the top of Mt. Whitney that still awaits there to be played. Larry Strauss for simultaneously befriending me and coming to my defense. And the universe for showing me the way to Aimee.

MICHAEL WARD: I wish to thank Tennessee and Odin Von Ward, Janet and Bill Bradley, Tracy and Chad Hartfiel, Rich Ward, Hugh Gilmartin at D’Addario, George Starks, Tim Godwin at Taylor Guitars, Todd Von Cloninger, Larry Strauss.

The band would like to thank: Our crew, Red Light Management, Concord/Stax, Shore Fire Media, Ethan Allen, Gavin Conaty, Elliot Groffman, Rod MacSween, Diana Pereira, Janine Small, Jennifer Specland, Randy Sugarman.

Bentley RIP

Management: WILL BOTWIN and CHRISTINE KANE for Red Light Management
Web & Digital Management: GAVIN CONATY

(P) & (C) 2016 Ben Harper. Under exclusive license to Concord Music Group, Inc., 100 N. Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. All Rights Reserved.
Other Versions

Call It What It Is (Vinyl)United States STX-38802-01

Studio: séance photos avec Leon Mobley

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Leon Mobley: « I’ve taken a photography class and here are the results. Lol!!! »

Source: https://www.facebook.com/leon.mobley.52/posts/10153063519741830

Interview: Ben parle des IC et de leur prochain album

Voici un extrait d’une interview accordée à Steve Bell, pour le site australien: themusic.com.auBen y parle des Innocent Criminals et des premiers enregistrements studio du prochain album.

Ben_Harper_Bonnarro_2007_FarewellIn the intervening years, Harper has worked with an enviable array of musicians – including subsequent supporting cast Relentless 7, Charlie Musselwhite and even his mother Ellen (with whom he released the album Childhood Home this year) – but is there a special bond with The Innocent Criminals?

“Yeah, there is,” he chuckles. “It’s a collective consciousness and its own instrument in the sense of familiarity and family. But then again playing with Charlie and Relentless 7 is also an instrument, and Fistful Of Mercy and my Mum – the different incarnations all have their uniqueness as far as what I get from them and what I bring to them. But twenty years is a long time – it makes us family. That’s a good amount of time for a tree to grow. Getting back with The Innocent Criminals is like coming home, for sure.”

Excitingly they’re already working on new tunes, and Harper attests that it’s a different feeling having the old gang with him onstage.

“You do feel the difference – there’s an energetic difference in playing with different people because you’re trying to unify and feed off one another,” he reflects. “You’re trying to become one with the sound and the players on the stage with you. With The Innocent Criminals there’s a lot of laughter and a lot of dialogue and a lot of history, and the camaraderie there is like a twenty-year brotherhood. And I’ve never been more confident that you’re going to be hearing the twenty-year brotherhood of The Innocent Criminals in this next record. And that will speak volumes beyond how I can explain it.”

“We’ve done two sessions – two week-long sessions – so far,” Harper enthuses. “I’ve never stopped writing for The Innocent Criminals, so everything that you’ve heard that I’ve released – whether it be with my mum on Childhood Home or the Fistful Of Mercy guys or with Charlie [Musselwhite] or the Relentless 7 – all of those songs were earmarked for those different bands, and the songs that were mainly for The Innocent Criminals I knew when they were being written, or in the process of being written, that I was going to set those aside for The Innocent Criminals so you can imagine from over six years that there’s a lot to pull from. But I’m not overwhelming these sessions, and I’m letting those guys bring songs to the table as well. I told them years ago, ‘When we do reconvene please have material ready’, because I need to be inspired as a songwriter just like I’m trying to enlighten and inspire those guys with my songwriting. I made a point of – not insisting because that’s overstating the point – but craving them bringing me material, and they’ve all done it and the material is blowing me away. I’ve been slanting in that way, as far as creative collaboration goes as a producer and a writer, for some time now to be able to bring that to The Innocent Criminals. It’s growth for us for the band.”

“It’s rooted in records past like Fight for Your Mind (1995) and The Will To Live (1997),” he explains, “but it’s also I think pushing forward into new territories that I think will bring out something that people didn’t expect in us but which had been waiting for us to reach – that would be the best of both worlds for me. Breaking new ground and also sort of having it steeped and rooted in our past creative process.

“If I could get it out next year, I’d be shocked; it’s probably going to come out early 2016, I’m thinking. Instead of going in and doing a marathon three-month session and having a deadline to hand the album in, at the moment I have no deadline and I want to take full advantage of that. I’m going to try recording in a way that I’ve never done before, which is go a straight week – block out a week – burn a little midnight oil and work hard for a week and then pull back. This way I’m going to get a heightened perspective on my own creative output, because one of the toughest things to do is really realise what you’re doing – it’s hard to critique what you’re doing while you’re doing it. It’s almost an unfair prospect in any art form. So the first week we’ve got three songs, the second week we’ve got a good part of five songs – which is almost a song a day over seven days – and I’m probably going to do close to a dozen week-long sessions and pull the material from that.”

Forum Ben Harper: http://innocentcriminals.net/

Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innocentcriminals.net

Interview complet: http://themusic.com.au/interviews/all/2014/12/18/ben-harper-steve-bell/

Nouvel album – Ben & Ellen Harper « Childhood Home »

L’an dernier, Ben Harper a étonné et séduit avec l’album « Get Up ! », enregistré avec le virtuose de l’harmonica Charlie Musselwhite. Un disque de qualité, récompensé aux Grammy Awards au mois de janvier. Son prochain projet le sera-t-il à son tour ? Quoi qu’il en soit, il fait déjà beaucoup parler. Il faut dire que l’annonce faite par le chanteur lui-même dans le nouveau numéro du magazine Rolling Stone a de quoi. Quelques jours avant la Fête de Mères, Ben Harper publiera « Childhood Home », un album enregistré en duo avec Ellen, qui n’est autre que sa mère. Multi-instrumentiste et chanteuse, Ellen Harper « a composé et enregistré une centaine de chansons dans sa vie. C’est elle qui m’a initié à la guitare » a confié le chanteur à L’Express.

childhood-benharperDix morceaux figureront sur ce nouvel objet attendu dans les bacs le 6 mai, dont quatre ont été écrits par Ellen Harper. « C’est une suite naturelle de la vie, un lien de sang, une série de chansons que nous avons écrites séparément au cours de ces années » annonce le chanteur, avant de préciser qu’ils se sont rejoints dans sa « maison-studio, à Los Angeles », pour les enregistrer. Un projet qui semble être davantage un hommage d’un fils à sa mère. « Les titres sont inspirés des mélodies qu’Ellen chantait dans les années 1970 et 1980 » avancent nos confrères, avant de rapporter que l’album « Childhood Home » puise également son inspiration dans « toutes ces histoires » que le grand-père maternel de Ben Harper lui « racontait dans son magasin de musique, à Claremont », là où il agrandi. Comme préambule à ce disque country-blues, Ben et Elle nous proposent d’écouter la chanson « A House Is A Home ».

Sera-t-il seul sur scène pour défendre ses nouvelles chansons ? « J’ai dû convaincre ma mère de chanter en public, devant un micro, ce qu’elle n’avait pas fait depuis très longtemps » a récemment confié Ben Harper, laissant croire qu’Ellen sera présente lors des prochains concerts qu’il assurera aux Folies Bergère au mois de mai. Quatre représentations sont prévues les 17, 18, 19 et 20, après un premier passage au Summum de Grenoble le 15.


Childhood Home Tracklist:

1. A House Is a Home
2. City of Dreams
3. Born to Love You
4. Heavyhearted World
5. Farmer’s Daughter
6. Memories of Gold
7. Altar of Love
8. Break Your Heart
9. Learn It All Again Tomorrow
10. How Could We Not Believe

Vous pouvez dés à présent pré-commander l’album sur Amazon.com.


Ben Harper & R7: enregistre un 2nd album

En exclusivité, www.benharper.fr vous annonce que Ben Harper et son nouveau groupe Relentless7 sont actuellement en studio. Ils sont entrés mardi 16 février, en studio, dans le but d’enregistrer un nouvel album.

Je profite de l’occasion pour vous dire que je groupe sera de retour en Europe au début de l’été.

retrouvez toutes les dates officielles de concert dans la partie Tour Dates !

Leon Mobley nominé aux GRAMMY Awards!

Leon Mobley est nominé pour un GRAMMY!

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que Leon Mobley & Da Lion ont été nominé pour les GRAMMY Awards pour  l’album ‘DA LION ROARS’.

La catégorie est: Best World Contemporary Album. La 52ième cérémonie des GRAMMY Awards se déroulera le dimanche 31 janvier, 2010 au Staples Center à Los Angeles.

Les Grammy Awards sont des récompenses qui sont décernées chaque année aux États-Unis par la Recording Academy et honorent les meilleurs artistes et les meilleurs techniciens dans le domaine de la musique.