Welcome to the cruel world

Ben Harper – Welcome to the Cruel World (20th Anniversary)

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of “Welcome to the Cruel World” with new version of the song.

iTunes – http://smarturl.it/BenHarperWTTCW
CD at Amazon – http://smarturl.it/BenHarperWTTCW-a
MP3 at Amazon – http://smarturl.it/BenHarperMP3
Spotify – http://smarturl.it/BenHarperWTTCW-s
Vinyl – http://www.benharper.biz/wetocrwo.html

Ben Harper – Vocals, Weissenborn
Jimmy Paxson – Drums
Jason Yates – Piano
Matt Cory – Bass
Tim Loo – Cello
Alyssa Park – Violin
Caroline Buckman – Viola

Produced by Casual Thinking for Ben Harper
Directed and edited by J. García
Director of Photography – Pablo Espada

Recorded and mixed by Ethan Allen