Ben Harper: Songs For Tibet CD

Ben Harper and his band play live for the CD “Songs for Tibet”

The cd “Songs for Tibet” is avalaible since the 5th, just a few days before The Olympic Gamesin Pékin.

Ben Harper play “Better Way” recorded during Summer Tou, at Six Fours Les Plages, in France.


You can buy the cd at & itunes…coming soon in shops.

There has been some discussion about what will be on the record. Well here is the track listing:

Disc 1

1. Hide & Seek 2 – Imogen Heap

2. Send Your Love (Art of Peace remix) – Sting

3. Versions Of Violence (recorded in Dressing Room in Cologne, Germany) – Alanis Morissette

4. Belief – John Mayer

5. Better – Regina Spektor

6. We Are All Made of Stars (2008) – Moby

7. Making Noise – Damien Rice & The Cheshire Project

8. More Than This (Campfire Take) – Vanessa Carlton

9. Nothing Fades (Kosen Rufu version) – Duncan Sheik

10. Where Are You Going (live in Barcelona) – Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Disc 2

1. Song Of Sand (Great City version) – Suzanne Vega

2. All The Good In This Life – Garbage

3. Hope (live for The Art of Peace) – Rush

4. Madonna On The Curb (Peace mix) – Jonatha Brooke

5. In These Times (The Concord mix) – Joan Armatrading

6. All My Mistakes (feat. Tarira) – Teitur

7. Alive In The World – Jackson Browne

8. Better Way (live in Six Fours Les Plage) – Ben Harper

9. The Heart Of The Matter (Underlying mix) – Rupert Hine

10. To Heal (And Restore Broken Bodies) – Underworld


Ben Harper: videos live Paleo Festival 2008

[lang_fr]Voici l’intégralité du concert donné au Paléo festival 2008… en 14 vidéos


[vg_dailymotion k2YAisDWqbuKjHIffY&related=1#Paleo festival – 1/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – jah work (part 1/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k1ryqdgd0uAFQ9Ifqx&related=1#Paleo festival – 2/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – excuse me mister (part 2/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k89DotRHtTIvqwIfwq&related=1#Paleo festival – 3/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – fight outta you (part 3/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k5G9GJjRVHK9IIIfA4&related=1#Paleo festival – 4/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – in the colors (part 4/14) ]



[vg_dailymotion k5gNMLYWnVi4JZIfDw#Paleo festival – 5/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – diamonds on the inside (part 5/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k4Fvjqa4yQpIVQIfJW#Paleo festival – 6/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – whipping boy (part 6/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k6av3fHHMTiVT0Ig8I#Paleo festival – 7/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – forgiven (part 7/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k4d9d6IQDCpDu7IkUI#Paleo festival – 8/14##Ben Harper – paleo festival – Black rain (part 8/14) ]



[vg_dailymotion kQv71VXnUKOGaCIl2y#Paleo festival – 9/14##Ben Harper – Paleo Festival – Burn One Down (part 9/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k1kfAfKoasLprQIlb1#Paleo festival – 10/14##Ben Harper – Paleo – Two Hands (part 10/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k50slVbYpzEgqUImhu#Paleo festival – 11/14##Ben Harper – Paleo – Better Way (part 11/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion k7zuF9wb2I4YQUIgeX#Paleo festival – 12/14##Ben Harper & Vanessa Da Mata – paleo festival (part 12/14) ]



[vg_dailymotion k3NLjznGdbGTXFImqk#Paleo festival – 13/14##Ben Harper – Paleo – Like A King (part 13/14) ]

[vg_dailymotion kshOkWsiA5bL7TImvy#Paleo festival – 14/14##Ben Harper – Paleo – I’ll rise (part 14/14) ]


Ben Harper: Lifeline Tour Edition 2 cds

“Lifeline” Tour Edition 2CD [European Import]

Special European re-issue with a bonus disc.

comprised of 10 songs from Ben’s “Lifeline Tour:

Live at the Paramount” in Seattle 2007.

Not available in U.S. stores. Limited edition!

Buy it now:

Listen to “In the Colors” (live in Seattle)


1. Fight Outta You

2. In The Colors

3. Fool For A Lonesome Train

4. Needed You Tonight

5. Having Wings

6. Say You Will

7. Younger Than Today

8. Put It On Me

9. Heart Of Matters

10. Paris Sunrise #7

11. Lifeline

Live in Seattle

1. Fight Outta You

2. Say You Will

3. In The Colors

4. Needed You Tonight

5. Whipping Boy

6. Younger Than Today

7. Fool For A Lonesome Train

8. Heart Of Matters

9. Welcome To The Cruel World

10. Put It On Me

Ben Harper & Jack Johnson @ Hyde Park 2008



Ben Harper & Jack Johnson @ Hyde Park 2008
Jack Johnson plays his own headline show at Hyde Park, London on Wednesday 2nd July.

Support is from G. Love & Special Sauce, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, and Mason Jennings, with further acts still to be announced.

Gates open at 2pm, with the entertainment starting at 4pm.

Tickets are on sale, priced at £40. To buy, click here.

[lang_en]Ben Harper & Vieilles Charrues[/lang_en][lang_fr]Ben Harper & Vieilles Charrues[/lang_fr]


Le retour de Ben Harper aux vieilles charrues Considéré “comme l’un des artistes essentiels de la scène mondiale”, le californien Ben Harper et sa “musique subtile” rock, condensé de folk et de gospel, devrait renouer à Carhaix avec l’engouement suscité lors de sa dernière prestation en 2001 lorsqu’il avait chanté drapé dans un drapeau breton sur la grande scène. Ben Harper et son groupe The Innocent Criminals ont sorti 5 albums depuis 2001.

Ben Harper : “En bretagne, les concerts sont extras, les gens sont extras. Tout sort de l’ordinaire. J’ai pu visiter un peu la région, la côte, j’ai vu les menhirs, les vieilles pierres. C’est splendide quand on prend le temps de la découvrir, ça ma beaucoup plu.”[/lang_fr]