Current Music Presents: Embedded with Ben Harper

Ben Harper has built one of the largest and most loyal followings in the world.
We get Embedded for a day in Ben’s life as he introduces us to Relentless7, his new band, and takes us inside his family’s music store to school us on his roots.

Then Ben goes into producer mode in the studio with his Aussie protégé hand-picked by the late Heath Ledger, and shows us there’s no detail too small to obsess over when overseeing a fashion line.

Plus, Death Cab For Cutie bassist Nick Harmer tweaks our world perspective with tilt-shift photography in this Tour Stop. And Fleet Foxes return to Current TV, sneaking into an abandoned wing of of the Grand Palais in Paris for an amazing acoustic performance of “Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Current Music Presents: Embedded is a six part special that puts you on the ground and behind the scenes with unrivaled access to your favorite musicians. We’ve traveled the world, going beyond performances to bring you the most intimate and unfiltered moments in artists’ lives. When others stop the cameras, we capture the real story of today’s top musicians.

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5 thoughts on “Current Music Presents: Embedded with Ben Harper

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