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BenHarper.fr - Part 2


Album: White Lies For Dark Times

Ben harper album: white lies for dark times


01. Number With No Name
02. Up To You Now
03. Shimmer And Shine
04. Lay There And Hate Me
05. Why Must You Always Dress In Black
06. Skin Thin
07. Fly One Time
08. Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)
09. Boots Like These
10. The Word Suicide
11. Faithfully Remain

white lies for dark times

Listen to the album at:

All the tour dates at:

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Ben Harper: Vinyl deluxe packagings

Nine Albums and Two EPs Presented in Deluxe, Limited Edition 180-Gram Vinyl Packaging with Bonus Materials

On February 24, EMI Music continues its successful high-quality vinyl campaign with the release of Ben Harper’s entire Virgin Records catalog in limited edition, 180-gram vinyl packaging. Nine Ben Harper albums, all previously out-of-print on vinyl, have been restored to the format with Harper’s supervision. The LPs will be released in deluxe packaging with carefully replicated artwork, and two live EPs will make their vinyl release debuts. A bonus colored vinyl 7″ is included for Welcome To The Cruel World (Anniversary Edition), and an original poster has been reproduced for inclusion with Both Sides Of The Gun.

Welcome To The Cruel World (Anniversary Edition)

1 LP + bonus colored vinyl 7″ (7″ tracks: “Remember” / “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again”)

Gatefold packaging, paper sleeve with inner clear lining, printed labels

Both Sides Of The Gun

2 LPs, gatefold packaging, paper sleeves, printed labels, poster

Burn To Shine

2 LPs, gatefold packaging, paper sleeves, printed labels

Diamonds On The Inside

2 LPs, gatefold packaging, paper sleeves, printed lyrics

Fight For Your Mind

2 LPs, gatefold packaging, paper sleeve with inner clear lining, printed labels


1 LP, gatefold packaging, paper sleeves, printed labels

Live From Mars

4 LPs, special packaging, paper sleeves, printed labels

There Will Be Light

1 LP, gatefold packaging, printed sleeves, printed lyrics

Will To Live

1 LP, gatefold packaging, paper sleeve with inner clear lining, printed labels

Will To Live (Live EP)

Side A Side B

1. The Will To Live 1. I Shall Not Walk Alone

2. Faded 2. Voodoo Chile

3. Forever

Alone (Live EP)

Side A Side B

1. Alone 1. Steal My Kisses

2. Burn To Shine 2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine

3. The Woman In You 3. Please Bleed

See all albums: click here

Relentless7: White Lies for Dark Times

On October 29th at the Chevrolet Center in Ohio — where he joined the Beastie Boys on the Swing State Voter Awareness Tour — Ben Harper debuted a whole new band.

“It’s called Relentless7,” Ben exclusively tells the S.S. “It’s just a name that has been kicking around in my consciousness. I always said that if I got another band together, I’m gonna call them Relentless7.”
In Ohio, the four-piece — with guitarist Jason Mozersky, drummer Jordan Richardson and bassist Jesse Ingalls — debuted new songs like “Fly One Time,” “The Word Suicide” and “Lay There and Hate Me”  that will eventually appear on their debut album, White Lies for Dark Times (due next May).
From the Village Studios in Santa Monica, CA — where he’s currently mixing the album — Harper reports that the band’s story dates back more than ten years. On August 22, 1998, Harper was in the middle of the HORDE Tour, on his way to a gig in Austin. “The guy driving the van on the way to the gig said, ‘Hey Ben, do you mind if I play you my band’s demo,” he says. “But when you’re about to hit the stage, you either want to hear no music, or music you choose, so I was like, ‘Y’know, man, I don’t mean to offend you…”
Then Ben felt bad. He told the driver, the singer from a band called Wan Santo Condo, to go ahead and play the demo.
“The guy put in the demo and I was plastered to the back of the van,” says Harper. “It was so good.”
Harper scored the band a record deal, and remained extremely tight with their guitarist, Jason Mozersky.
Fast forward to 2005. While Harper was recording his double-disc, Both Sides of the Gun, he invited Mozersky to lay down a guitar part on “Please Don’t Talk About Murder While I’m Eating.” Mozersky told Harper about a couple of his old musician buddies from Austin, who had recently relocated to Los Angeles with their band, Oliver Future. “He was talkin’ up his boys and I was like, ‘I’ll take your word on it,'” says Harper. “Per his description of these cats, I had the right song for them.” The next day Mozersky returned with Richardson and Ingalls, and together they laid down “Serve Your Soul.” “In that moment I knew I’d be hooking back up with these guy at some point,” he says. “And we did it.
“It’s absolute, unapologetic rock music,” says Harper. “It’s rock music from the places that you want rock to be from. There’s some Queen in there, and some Floyd-isms, and there’s a good dose of Blues and Soul.”
Relentless7 are gearing up for some lo-pro club shows in L.A. and New York in December, perhaps at tiny places like the Mint, or the Mercury Lounge.
The million dollar question is what happens to the Innocent Criminals, Harper’s backing band?
“Dude, I’ve been with the Innocent Criminals a long time, and I’ll always be with the Innocent Criminals,” he says. “And everything I do now helps further what I do with them. But for the moment, it’s just time to do something else.”

(source: Rollingstone.com)

Next Relentless7’s tour dates:

Dec 3 2008 – Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA – 21+ TIX | WEB

Dec 4 2008 – Spaceland – Los Angeles, CA – 21+ TIX | WEB

Dec 5 2008 – The Mint – Los Angeles, CA – 21+ TIX | WEB

Dec 7 2008 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA – A/A TIX | WEB

Dec 8 2008 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA – 21+ TIX | WEB

Ben Harper & his new band: Relentless7

Ben Harper and his wife Laura Dern were, the 25th october in the University of Boulder, Colorado,to say it’s very very important to vote for change.

Ben played 3 songs with his Martin acoustic guitar. Just befor the first song, he anouncedJ, he finished at 5pm to record a new album with his “new backing band” The Relentless Seven“.

You can listen to this Live performance with the Radio Benharper.fr


1. Laura Introduces Ben (download)

2. Up To You Now (download)

3. Gather ‘Round The Stone (download)

4. Better Way (download)

if you check the credits of Welcome To The Cruel World, you can see “Relentless Seven” named! Recently, the members  played on Both Sides Of The Gun, for the song “Serve Your Soul”. They are, old Ben Harper friends…

Band “Relentless Seven” :

Vocals, Guitars Ben Harper

Bass, Keys Jesse Ingalls

Lead Guitars Jason Mozersky

Drums Jordan Richardson

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Exclusivity: Ben Harper Lifeline tour


Voici quelques informations, concernant Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals:

Tout d’abord, et certains devaient commencer à s’en douter, il ne devrait pas y avoir de nouveaux concerts de Ben Harper en France en 2008. Il semblerait que la fameuse tournée Lifeline, que tout le monde attendait, n’ait jamais lieu. Ce serait la première fois, qu’une tournée n’ait pas lieu pour la sortie d’un album studio.

Désolé, pour cette mauvaise nouvelle, mais je me devais de vous en informer…

En revanche, 2009 s’annonce comme une année très musicale… En ce début d’année, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals devraient enregistrer un nouvel album, dont la sortie est programmée pour la fin de l’été ou l’automne 2009.

En attendant, on devrait pouvoir assister à quelques concerts promos et à quelques apparitions dans les festivals de l’été prochain.

Déçus de ne pas revoir Ben en 2008, heureux de savoir qu’un nouvel album arrive, n’hésitez pas à réagir…


Ben Harper: Lifeline Tour Edition 2 cds

“Lifeline” Tour Edition 2CD [European Import]

Special European re-issue with a bonus disc.

comprised of 10 songs from Ben’s “Lifeline Tour:

Live at the Paramount” in Seattle 2007.

Not available in U.S. stores. Limited edition!

Buy it now: http://www.benharper.biz

Listen to “In the Colors” (live in Seattle)


1. Fight Outta You

2. In The Colors

3. Fool For A Lonesome Train

4. Needed You Tonight

5. Having Wings

6. Say You Will

7. Younger Than Today

8. Put It On Me

9. Heart Of Matters

10. Paris Sunrise #7

11. Lifeline

Live in Seattle

1. Fight Outta You

2. Say You Will

3. In The Colors

4. Needed You Tonight

5. Whipping Boy

6. Younger Than Today

7. Fool For A Lonesome Train

8. Heart Of Matters

9. Welcome To The Cruel World

10. Put It On Me