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Ben Harper: "Body Of War" cd | BenHarper.fr

Ben Harper: “Body Of War” cd


“No More”, the Eddie Vedder penned and performed tune for the documentary “Body of War” featuring guest Ben Harper live at Lollapalooza, will be the lead single on the upcoming 2-CD compilation, “Body of War: Songs that Inspired an Iraq War Veteran”. The soundtrack also features a Ben Harper track: “Black Rain”.

Body of War is an intimate and transformational feature documentary about the true face of war today. Meet Tomas Young, 25 years old, paralyzed from a bullet to his spine – wounded after serving in Iraq for less than a week.

Body of War is Tomas’ coming home story as he evolves into a new person, coming to terms with his disability and finding his own unique and passionate voice against the war. The film is produced and directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, and features two original songs by Eddie Vedder. Body of War is a naked and honest portrayal of what it’s like inside the body, heart and soul of this extraordinary and heroic young man.

CD 1

  1. ‘Hero’s Song’ – Brendan James
  2. ‘American Terrorist’ – Lupe Fiasco
  3. ‘Light Up Ya Lighter’ – Michael Franti & Spearhead
  4. ‘Guerilla Radio’ – Rage Against The Machine
  5. ‘Son Of A Bush’ – Public Enemy
  6. ‘Empty Walls’ – Serj Tankian
  7. ‘Let Them Eat War’ – Bad Religion
  8. ‘White People For Peace’ – Against Me!
  9. ‘Letter From Iraq’ – Bouncing Souls
  10. ‘War’ – Dilated Peoples
  11. ‘Overcome (The Recapitulation)’ – RX Bandits
  12. ‘Fields Of Agony’ – No Use For A Name
  13. ‘Bushonomics’ – Talib Kweli & Cornel West
  14. ‘The 4th Branch’ – Immortal Technique
  15. ‘B.Y.O.B.’ – System Of A Down
  16. ‘No More’ (Live) – Eddie Vedder & Ben Harper

CD 2

  1. ‘Devils & Dust’ – Bruce Springsteen
  2. ‘Masters Of War’ (Live) – Pearl Jam
  3. ‘When The President Talks To God’ – Bright Eyes
  4. ‘Gimme Some Truth’ – John Lennon
  5. ‘The Restless Consumer’ – Neil Young
  6. ‘Battle Hymns’ – The Nightwatchman
  7. ‘Anthrax’ – Kimya Dawson
  8. ‘WMD’ – Blow Up Hollywood
  9. ‘State Of The Union’ – David Ford
  10. ‘Yo George’ – Tori Amos
  11. ‘Love Vigilantes’ – Laura Cantrell
  12. ‘Black Rain’ – Ben Harper
  13. ‘To Kill The Child’ – Roger Waters
  14. ‘Day After Tomorrow’ – Tom Waits

Youtube : http://youtube.com/bodyofwar

Website : http://www.bodyofwar.com

(source: benharper.net)

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