Ben Harper & his new band: Relentless7

Ben Harper and his wife Laura Dern were, the 25th october in the University of Boulder, Colorado,to say it’s very very important to vote for change.

Ben played 3 songs with his Martin acoustic guitar. Just befor the first song, he anouncedJ, he finished at 5pm to record a new album with his “new backing band” The Relentless Seven“.

You can listen to this Live performance with the Radio


1. Laura Introduces Ben (download)

2. Up To You Now (download)

3. Gather ‘Round The Stone (download)

4. Better Way (download)

if you check the credits of Welcome To The Cruel World, you can see “Relentless Seven” named! Recently, the members  played on Both Sides Of The Gun, for the song “Serve Your Soul”. They are, old Ben Harper friends…

Band “Relentless Seven” :

Vocals, Guitars Ben Harper

Bass, Keys Jesse Ingalls

Lead Guitars Jason Mozersky

Drums Jordan Richardson

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